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Spence Hot Springs - N of Battleship Rock on HWY 4

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I read through the whole write-up above and I think it's a pretty good solve, overall.  I will say that I think her HOB is a stretch which is probably the solve's downfall, but I like the rest of her logic/process.

One other takeaway from her write-up is her reference to Dal's comments regarding the likelihood of WWWH being a hot spring in The Poem, part 4, which you can find here: http://dalneitzel.com/2014/02/13/the-poem-part-four/ and which I had not read before.  IMO, it's well worth reading, though I disagree with some of the conclusions he makes though in fairness to Dal, these comments were made a few years ago and his thinking may have since changed.

If anyone wants to discuss further, let's do so back over at Dal's site in whatever the most recent WWWH post is.

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